In spring, people traditionally muck out and clean their homes. This is also worthwhile on computers, so that unnecessary data ballast or software that developers no longer maintain will not become a security risk – the German Federal Office for Information Security advises. It is better to uninstall and delete Programs and files that are no longer needed. The laborious work of maintaining and optimizing your PC can be handled by Steganos Tuning PRO. This software always keeps your computer fresh, fast and clean with the latest technologies.

In a second step, all operating systems and programs should be kept updated. The passwords are also under close scrutiny. If they are not secure enough, they should be changed. Steganos Password Manager 19 even offers two-factor authentication for your keyring.

Almost as the crowning glory of digital spring cleaning, you should secure your important data. The best way is to encrypt your most important emails, TAN lists or holiday photos from last year with the push of a button on the PC, in the network or in the cloud - and repeat this regularly - with Steganos Privacy Suite 19.

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