We are celebrating twenty years of privacy protection with the Anniversary Edition of Steganos Privacy Suite 20, which includes Tuning Pro as a free gift. Along with the package, which consists of a digital safe, password manager, trace destroyer and tuning tool, users receive the new generation of proven security solutions for protecting their data and privacy, for a fast, optimised, secure PC. Besides improved brute force protection for login passwords, Steganos Privacy Suite 20 comes with a completely re-engineered user interface and improved shredder and backup integration. The Steganos Mobile Privacy apps now have a generating and processing function. An important innovation is the option of full synchronisation between the Mobile Privacy apps and multiple instances of Steganos Password Manager 20 via Cloud storage.

Summary of the innovations in Steganos Privacy Suite 20
  • Steganos Mobile Privacy apps with generating and processing function
  • Full synchronisation between Mobile Privacy apps and multiple instances of Steganos Password Manager 20
  • Completely re-engineered user interface
  • Improved brute force protection for login passwords
  • Optimised shredder and backup integration
Steganos Privacy Suite 20 Anniversary Edition + Tuning Pro
The 20th anniversary edition of Steganos Privacy Suite 20 is a handy complete solution for data and privacy protection, combining Safe 20 and Password Manager 20 security software with a trace destroyer. Sensitive data such as business reports, TAN lists or holiday photos are securely encrypted at the click of a button anywhere on the PC, in the network, in the Cloud and on the move. Passwords are automatically generated, managed and entered for all online accounts on the computer, tablet or smartphone. Browser data and processes are deleted with a click of the mouse. This ensures that no traces are left behind on devices. The Mobile Privacy apps now have a generating and processing function. Full synchronisation between the Mobile Privacy apps and Steganos Password Manager 20 via OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or MagentaCLOUD is now also available between multiple Steganos Password Manager 20 on different devices in real time. Maximum security for login passwords is provided by improved brute force protection. Easy, intuitive use of all functions is guaranteed via the completely re-engineered user interface. The Anniversary Edition also includes Steganos Tuning Pro for a fast, optimised, secure PC.

Steganos Password Manager 20
In digital life, there are many sensitive areas that need to be protected against unwanted access with different passwords. The variation and quality of passwords for security on the web is a critical aspect of this. Steganos Password Manager 20 works with highly-secure AES 256-bit encryption, which has never been hacked since the company was founded. It generates strong passwords and manages them securely on the PC, mobile device and in the Cloud. With the new Steganos Privacy apps, users can now generate and manage strong passwords on their smartphones as well. Thanks to full synchronisation between the apps and Steganos Password Manager 20, this means that they can access their passwords on any device. Passwords are always encrypted first on the PC and then transferred to the Cloud if required. There are no backdoors, master passwords or duplicate keys. With browser plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox, login data can now be automatically stored and filled in and can be accessed directly on personal favourites. Easy password importing from Google Chrome is possible. Thanks to the virtual keyboard, keyloggers have no chance of intercepting keyboard input. The optional character randomiser provides protection against mouse click recorders. In addition, brute force protection for login passwords has been improved. Increased security for the keychain is achieved through two-factor authentication, using optional third-party apps such as Authy and Google Authenticator. A backup wizard is provided for Password Manager keychains. Regular reminders to change passwords are another protective measure. There are now free apps for iOS and Android that enable secure access to PINs and passwords plus automatic entering into the In-App browser when out and about. The portable USB version of Password Manager 20 can be used anywhere, on any PC with an encrypted password list. The printing function is useful when password lists need to be kept in a safe deposit box or held by a notary. Users no longer need to think up or remember passwords themselves and are provided with reliable protection against data spies and hackers.

Steganos Safe 20
Steganos Safe 20 protects confidential documents, business documentation, TAN lists and anything that is not intended for the eyes of third parties in a digital safe. Despite the highly professional security functions, intuitive, simple use is guaranteed by the clearly structured, completely re-engineered user interface. All sorts of sensitive data are protected at the push of a button, using the latest 384-bit AES XEX encryption with AES-NI hardware acceleration Made in Germany. Safes can be very easily set up on the PC, on the network or in the Cloud via Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and MagentaCLOUD. In this way Steganos Safe 20 provides protection against data thieves, snoopers and even secret services. Shredder and backup integration has been improved. The maximum safe size is 2 TB, enabling automatically upscaling safes to spare the limited space on flash drives. Two-factor authentication for safes and keychains, optionally via third-party apps such as Authy or Google Authenticator, further increases security. Portable safes for USB sticks, CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs have been optimised. If a USB stick used as a safe key is removed, the virtual safe locks itself automatically and sensitive data is immediately protected. It is now also possible for users to specify storage locations and drive letters themselves, and to easily move and delete safes. An open safe integrates seamlessly into Windows and can be used from any program.